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Returns & Refunds

We strive to deliver the best possible service which includes testing and checking the items we sell to ensure they are to standard and shipping our items the best way possible so you receive your order on time. However, sometimes things can go wrong and if that happens, we are here to help. 

On this page we outline the procedure for returns, replacements, refunds & cancellations. 

A problem with your order.

Should you have an issue with the item you have received from us, please contact us, we are here to help and a member of our team will respond within 24 hours with a solution. We will arrange a replacement item, if that is ok with you, or we can arrange a return and refund. 


Once you have made your order, you are welcome to cancel if you so wish and you will receive a full refund. If the item has already been dispatched by the time we receive your cancellation request, we will require the item to be returned to us before a refund is sent. We allow for a 30 day cancellation window.

90 Day Warranty

Every item we sell comes with a 90 day warranty. During these 90 days, should you have an issue with the part you ordered from us please contact us and we will replace the item you ordered. Should the item be out of stock a full refund will be offered instead. 

This warranty does not cover any damage done to the item during installation.