Front Facing Camera & Proximity Sensor Replacement for iPhone 6

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For sale is a replacement iPhone 6 front facing camera and proximity sensor. If your iPhone 6 front camera has stopped working or is taking low quality pictures, if the proximity sensor is broken and your iPhone 6 isn't switching off when the phone is held to your face, this is the replacement item you need to repair your phone.

This flex cable comes with a brand new front facing camera, a proximity sensor and top microphone. This item is high quality and has been tested, its sent in an anti static bag for maximum protection. The item comes with a 90 day warranty. An 8 piece tool kit is also available. 



  • Brand New Replacement Front Camera
  • Brand New Replacement Proximity Sensor
  • Brand New Replacement Top Microphone
  • UK Stock
  • High Quality
  • 90 Day Warranty


For iPhone 6
Part Number: 821-2206-A