For iPhone 5S White & Silver Home Button Replacement Kit 821-2092-A

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For sale is a replacement white and silver iPhone 5S home button kit. This replacement kit contains everything you need to fix your iPhone 5s home button. Included is a new white & silver home button, flex cable with adhesive, rubber seal and metal holding bracket.

If your iPhone 5s home button has stopped working, broken or is scratched then this kit is all you need to replacement the home button yourself. The part is brand new, tested and very high quality. The part is shipped from the UK and dispatched within 24 hours of receiving your order. You can add an 8 piece tool kit if you need it.



  • New Replacement White & Silver Home Button
  • New Rubber Seal
  • New Flex Cable
  • New Metal Holding Bracket
  • Adhesive
  • High Quality
  • UK Stock
  • 90 Day Warranty


For iPhone 6
Please note: Changing your iPhone 5S home button from the factory original will result in the loss of the Touch ID. Only the original home button, that was installed from new, can work with the scanner. Please understand this before you buy.