Power Flex Cable Replacement with Volume Buttons & Mute Switch For iPhone 6S

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For sale is a new replacement power flex cable for the iPhone 6S. This cable has a number of components attached to it that can fix a variety of issues. 

There is a brand new on/off power button, so if your iPhone 6S power button is no longer working, you can't switch on or off your iPhone, this flex cable can be used to repair your phone. 

The cable also has new up & down volume buttons, if you can't raise or lower the volume, this part will solve that issue. There is also a new mute/silence switch. 

If your flash has stopped working, the cable comes with a new flash unit as well. 

The power button, volume buttons and mute switch all come with the metal holding brackets in place for easy installation. There is high quality strong adhesive on the cable for a secure fit. 


  • New Replacement Power Button with Bracket
  • Replacement Volume Buttons with Bracket
  • Replacement Mute Switch with Bracket
  • Replacement LED Flash Unit
  • Replacement Top Microphone
  • 90 Day Warranty
  • UK Stock


For iPhone 6S