Power Flex Cable With Volume Buttons Replacement For Nokia Lumia 925

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For sale is a replacement power flex cable for the Nokia Lumia 925. Below we will go through the features of the flex cable in detail. 

Nokia Lumia 925 Replacement Power Button

If you can no longer switch on your Nokia Lumia 925 with the power button, the button may have developed a fault and needs to be replaced. This flex cable comes with a brand new ON/OFF button that will restore function to your faulty power button.

Nokia Lumia 925 Replacement Volume Buttons

This replacement flex cable also comes with replacement up & down volume buttons, so if you can't control the volume on your phone using the side buttons, this is replacement part that will repair your faulty buttons. The whole flex cable comes with the metal holding bracket for easy installation. 

Nokia Lumia 925 Replacement Camera Button

Another feature of this replacement flex cable is that it has a brand new camera button. If you can not take photos using the camera button of the side of your phone then the button may have a fault. This is the replacement part that can fix your camera button issue. 

Shipping & Warranty

All of our items are stocked in the UK and we dispatch within 24 hours of receiving your order. We offer Free, First Class delivery to all UK addresses, which should mean next day delivery in most cases. We also ship worldwide for just £1. 

This item comes with a 90 day warranty, if the replacement flex cable stops working or develops a fault within 90 days we will happily replace it for free.