For iPhone 5S Black Dock Connector Charging Port Headphone Jack Antenna 821-1667-A

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For sale is a replacement charging port for the iPhone 5S. This replacement unit comes with a new headphone jack, microphone & cellular antenna. Please read below for a detailed description of this replacement part. 

iPhone 5S Replacement USB Charging Port (Black)

The main feature of this replacement part is the new charging port. The charging port is where you plug in your lightning cable to charge your iPhone 5S or sync it to your computer, if your phone is not charging or syncing then the dock connector may have developed a fault. This replacement unit will restore charging & syncing function back to your iPhone 5S. 

iPhone 5S Replacement Headphone Jack

Also located on this replacement part is a brand new audio jack, where you plug in your headphones. You can use this part to restore clear and crisp sound back to your iPhone 5S. 

iPhone 5S Replacement Cellular Antenna

Another feature of this unit is that it comes with a brand new cellular antenna. If your iPhone 5S has a weak signal or no cellular signal at all, the antenna in your iPhone 5S may be damaged. This is the part you need to restore a strong cellular signal to your iPhone. 

iPhone 5S Replacement Microphone

Last but not least is the replacement microphone. This unit contains a the lower microphone responsible for relaying your voice whilst you are talking on the phone. So if you can not be heard whilst on a phone call you mic may be faulty. This part will fix that issue.

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