Grey Dock Connector Headphone Jack Replacement for iPhone 6

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For sale is a replacement dock connector for the iPhone 6. This replacement unit is comprised of a number of replacement parts that can repair a variety of issues, please read below for more details. 

iPhone 6 Replacement Dock Connector

The main function of this replacement part is the charging port. This unit comes with a brand new grey dock connector. If your iPhone 6 can no longer charge or sync to you computer, the charging port may have become faulty and needs to be replaced. The replacement dock connector is in brand new condition, there are no marks or scratches on the connector. 

iPhone 6 Replacement Headphone Jack

Another major component on this replacement part is the audio jack. If you can no longer hear sound coming from your headphones then the headphone jack may have developed a fault and needs to be replaced. The replacement iPhone 6 headphone jack, located on this cable is brand new, there are no scratches or marks on the jack. The sound quality from this replacement audio jack is exactly the same as your original audio jack. 

iPhone 6 Replacement Antenna

This flex unit also comes with a replacement cellular antenna so if you are having some trouble receiving a signal, either no signal at all or a very weak signal, the replacement iPhone 6 antenna located on this unit may restore a strong signal back to your iPhone 6. 

iPhone 6 Replacement Microphone

Located between the charging port and audio jack is a brand new replacement microphone. This microphone is responsible for what people hear when you are talking on the phone, so if your voice is distorted or not being heard, this is the microphone you need to replace. 

Shipping & Warranty

All of our stock is shipped from the UK. We dispatch everything within 24 hours of receiving payment. Delivery speed is very important to us and to you we send everything first class delivery and for free to UK addresses. We ship worldwide for a very low price. 

We are so confident is the quality of the replacement parts that we sell that this item comes with a 90 day warranty. In the unlikely event that this item develops a fault within 90 days, we will send out a replacement item, free of charge. 


    For iPhone 6 16GB, 32GB, 64GB, 128GB
    Part Number: 821-1853-A

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