Dock Connector Headphone Jack Flex Cable Replacement For iPhone 5C

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For sale is a replacement iPhone 5C dock connector unit. If your iPhone 5c has stopped charging or syncing to your computer, this is the replacement part you need. This item can also fix issues such as no sound from the headphone jack. No cellular signal. Home/menu button not working. People not hearing you when speaking on the phone. 

This unit is comprised of a number of replacement parts. There is a new dock connector charging port, a new audio jack, cellular antenna, lower microphone and home button connector. The part is brand new and tested, it's a high quality replacement part. The item is located in the UK and dispatched within 24 hours of your order. The part also comes with a 90 day warranty. An 8 piece tool kit is available at a low price.



  • Replacement Dock Connector
  • Replacement Headphone Jack
  • Replacement Cellular Antenna
  • Replacement Home Button Connector
  • Replacement Lower Microphone
  • UK Stock
  • 24 Hour Dispatch
  • 90 Day Warranty


For iPhone 5C
Part Number: 821-1705-A