White & Gold Home Button Flex Cable Replacement for iPhone 6S Plus

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If your iPhone 6s Plus home button has stopped working and you are looking to replace it yourself, this is the replacement part you need to repair your iPhone 6S Plus. 

For sale is a brand new replacement iPhone 6S Plus home button in white & Gold. The part comes with a new all black outer button and a brand new flex cable. The part is pre assembled for easy installation. The button is protected with anti static packaging. It comes with a 90 day warranty. All of our stock is located in the UK and dispatched within 24 hours of payment. 



  • New iPhone 6S Plus Replacement White & Gold Home/Menu Button
  • New Replacement Flex Cable
  • Anti Static Packaging
  • 90 Day Warranty
  • UK Stock


For iPhone 6S Plus
Please note that only the original home button, that was installed when new, will work with the scanner as the Touch ID system is unique to every phone. If you change your home button, you will lose the scanner function. Please understand this before you buy.